Income Protection

For everyone, some form of income is essential. Have you ever thought about what might happen if you lost your income either through illness, disability or redundancy?

Some people are fortunate enough to be paid by their employers when they are ill, or to be provided with insurance through employers. However, if you are not lucky enough to have this cover you will only receive statutory sick pay of £88.45 per week (2016/2017 tax year) assuming your earnings normally average £112.00 per week or more. Could you live on this?

Each individual's circumstances vary, but generally many people do not have adequate protection for replacement of income.  Products are available to replace a good percentage of your income until you would normally have retired.

Your mortgage is probably one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever make. Protection is available to make sure it is paid if you are ill or made redundant. Self-employed people can also protect their income in certain circumstances if their business encounters problems.

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Private Medical Insurance

Getting medical treatment early can not only make an enormous difference to lifestyle but can mean getting back to work much quicker after illness or injury. The National Health Service provides a wonderful service but is not always as speedy as it might be. Private Medical Insurance is not an elitist product; it provides choice for the individual. Choice of how quickly you want medical treatment and choice of where you want it. For employers it means maintaining a more stable work force as well as providing a valuable employee benefit that helps with staff retention.

We have schemes available to suit almost all needs. We can arrange individual covers in addition to group schemes for employers.

If you already hold Private Medical Insurance, why not let us check that your current payments and policy terms are competitive and up to date.

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