Life Assurance

Life Assurance can be arranged to provide protection for a number of situations.  Protecting your mortgage and loans, your family's income and inheritance tax planning are just some examples.

Term Assurance

Term Assurance is designed to provide a chosen level of protection over a period of time. The cover can be set up on a level basis in order to give a consistent amount of protection for an individual or their family over a set period. Alternatively it could be on a decreasing basis to protect the reducing balance of a repayment mortgage. It can also be set up to provide a continuing income for a family should anything happen to an individual or their partner.

Whole Life Assurance

Whole of Life Assurance can be set up for the remainder of your life. It can also be used in conjunction with trusts to protect against Inheritance Tax.

Over the last few years the cost of life assurance has reduced for some age groups.  It could well be worth reviewing any existing plans you have if they have been in force for a number of years. You never know, you may be able to reduce your monthly outgoings.

Many people either have no life assurance or the cover they have is inadequate. We would be happy to discuss your options with you.  Click on the link below to take you to our contact page.

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Critical Illness

There are many thousands of people who suffer some form of critical illness every year in the UK and worldwide. These illnesses can also create financial pressures for those people if they are unable to continue working.  The good news though is that as a result of advances in medical science many people now survive these illnesses.

Protection is available to provide a lump sum, either to pay off mortgages or debts, or just to make life more bearable by taking away financial concerns.

Many different illnesses can be covered through different providers, such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes, permanent disability – the list goes on…..

The cost of this cover varies greatly in today's marketplace and needs to be tailored to each individual. We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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